Hey hey friends! My name is Nina! I’m from Murfreesboro, TN and adore all of the beautiful things in life! My favorite things in the whole wide world include: Jesus, my husband, my puppy, and homemade guac. In that order. On any given day, you can find me belly laughing at a dumb joke I found on Facebook, ugly crying over fictional characters in a RomCom, or online shopping while my hubs is asleep next to me. Oh, and my love language is people knowing my coffee order by heart and surprising me by bringing me coffee when I’m stressed out. (It’s a grande caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle, in case you were wondering….) I’m a strong believer in the little things. The little things in life are what make the days great and boy is it fun to think about all of the small things that I love about my life. And yes, homemade guac and iced coffee are one of my favorite little things!



If you know anything about me, my husband is my favorite person on this entire planet and is a huge part of who I am today. He encourages me in the best ways and is honestly the best part of Nina + Eric. It seriously is crazy to me that I lived 20 years without knowing him. It is such a testament to who God is and how much he cares for my heart. He crafted our story so perfectly and better than any romcom I could have ever made up in my head. God is the best plot- maker of. all. time. Don’t even argue with me about this one.


The next biggest thing you need to know about me is that community is my favorite part of life. It’s so fun to get to do life with the people you love, and I would never want to have it any other way! My people are the ones that I can take off all the masks and be real and raw with. They are the people that know the ugliest parts of me and still choose to love me every day. And, in my opinion, everyone needs their people.